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We offer a Builder Assistance Program – a place where you can have your kit delivered, go to our facility, and get professional instruction and assistance from experienced builders while you learn and build your RV. In the United States, the FAA requires that you (one or more amateurs) perform at least 51% of the FAA’s task list items, but gaining educational assistance from professionals who work alongside you is an option to take advantage of, if you wish.


40 Years of History

Flyer was founded in 1983 with the primary objective of producing, assembling and selling experimental ultralight and light aircraft. Since then, Flyer has evolved and become one of the main manufacturers of experimental aircraft in Brazil.

In 2004, Flyer began assembling the first aircraft in the Van’s Aircraft RV series, an RV4.

In 2019, it intensifies the export of interior kits and accessories to the United States through SF Sport Aviation and soon after, Flyer starts the assisted assembly program and becomes an assembler of Quick Builds for Van’s Aircraft.

2023, Flyer completes its 40 years of history with more than 2,300 aircraft assembled.



Inventory Organization and Planning


Get it right the first time Tools and devices


Practicality like who work on the production line





Support throughout the process


A milestone for Brazilian aviation!

Flyer, in partnership with Van’s Aircraft, has completed the LSA certification in Brazil for the RV-10 aircraft.

On November 11, 2023, ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) recognized the certification process of the world's first 4-seat LSA aircraft.

Flyer expresses it’s gratitude to Van’s for the partnership, to ANAC for the audacity and pioneering spirit in developing the legislation, and to customers, employees, suppliers, and friends for their support and trust in the company's work.

This achievement is not just a victory for Flyer but for the entire aviation community!

Build your RV 10 with someone who has already built more than half of the RV10`s flying around the world.

The Builder Assist program offered by South Florida Sport Aviation consists of providing all the support, experience and infrastructure of our partner in Brazil, Flyer Industrial. SF Sport Aviation, through Flyer, is responsible for managing the entire process from the moment the order is placed at Van`s by the owner of the plane. Therefore, the process is organized as follows;

- SF Sport Aviation through Flyer is responsible for establishing a schedule together with Van's for delivery and transport of the kit, which in turn will be sent to Brazil.

- After 90 days from the date of receipt of the kit at Flyer, everything will already be duly checked, organized, separated and identified to receive the owner of the plane.

- From then, the owner of the plane will be authorized to travel to Brazil together with one other person to formally start the Builder Assist process.

- Through a pre-established work plan by Flyer professionals, the owner of the plane, together with another person, must dedicate 4 weeks of training and intense work to achieve 51% of the construction of the plane. The entire process is fully recorded and monitored to include documentation.

- During and after the entire process, the quality control department will ensure the level of excellence in the final result.

- After the plane's owner leaves Flyer, the plane will go through the painting, interior, air conditioning and harness installation processes.

- Then, SF Sport Aviation, through Flyer, organizes the process of transporting the plane to Florida (USA) or the country of final destination.

- As a final step, SF Sport Aviation is responsible for the entire customs clearance process, receiving and final assembling the plane (wings and other components).

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